Are You Open?

Yes! We are open for sit-down and to-go service. Come on in for a pint or enjoy our beer at home! Place your order for pick up (walk in and curbside) at

What About Delivery?

While we have done delivery in the past, the volume had dropped significantly enough that we currently are not offering delivery. If this is something you would be interested in, please contact us so we have an idea of how many people would like to see delivery return.

What Type of Seating Do You Have?

As of 11/18/20, we will have outdoor seating only with a table capacity limited to 5 people. This will be in effect, at this time, until 12/14/20. Our outdoor seating is covered and we are working on getting heat. But for now, bring your winter gear and blankets!

Do You Have Food?

Yes! While our capacity constraints are not allowing us the volume necessary to bring back our own full menu at this time, we are offering a few of our favorite small plates and also pizza from SliceBox Pizza in SoDo.

How Are You Keeping Safe?

We meet or exceed every one the guidelines set forth by the Governor’s Office, Department of Labor & Industries, and the Health Department (county and state).

  • Hand sanitizer is available at both entrances and at our ordering counter.
  • We provide an optional log for contact tracing and sanitized pens to sign it.
  • We provide sanitized styluses to use on our touch screen point-of-sale system.
  • The distance between tables is at least six (6) feet. Inside it is often more.
  • Staff wears appropriate PPE (masks and gloves) at all times and follows Health Department guidelines for frequent hand washing.
  • The requirement for all to wear masks except when seated at a table is strictly enforced.
  • We sanitize frequently touched surfaces frequently with commercial grade sanitizer.
  • Employees are screened at the beginning of their shift.
  • We offer contactless payment options.

How Can I Stay Up-To-Date?

We post often on Instagram, which links to Facebook. You can also subscribe to our email list.

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