The Admiral Club

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The Admiral Club is a simple loyalty program. Every penny you spend at The Good Society will accrue you a point in The Admiral Club. At the end of each quarter, those with 30,000 accrued points will be eligible for a giveaway (most likely a special merch item).

How does this really work?
  1. Visit The Good Society and enjoy some delicious beers.
  2. Upon closing out, on the screen that asks you if you’d like a receipt, there will be a blue button to enroll. Click the button and fill out the information.
  3. Next time you are at The Good Society, tell the beertender you are in The Admiral Club and they will look you up (tip: adding a phone number to your profile is the quickest way for a beertender to look you up).
  4. You accrue points with your purchase!
  5. At the end of the quarter, you will receive an email if you have accrued 30,000 points for the giveaway.

When do quarters end?

Quarters will begin on our anniversary, February 14th and run for three months. Therefore quarters will look like:

  • Feburary 14th – May 13th
  • May 14th – August 13th
  • August 14th – November 13th
  • November 14th – February 13th
What is Arryved Insider and how is it different than The Admiral Club?

Arryved is our Point-of-Sale provider. Their loyalty platform is called “Insider.” The Good Society is using this platform to run The Admiral Club. In short, The Admiral Club is what we call Insider at The Good Society.

Where can I view my status in The Admiral Club/Insider or update my info?

You can log in using the email address you signed up with at If you are part of Insider with other breweries, you will see all your programs here. You can also update your info here.

Are there any other benefits?

Yes! Your profile will store your information. When we look you up at The Good Society, we will know your email address and saved payment information. This means you do not have to swipe a card to start a tab and it also means that your email address is remembered to send receipts to if desired.

You can also log in to your account and view your purchase history.

I have an Arryved Mobile profile. Do these sync?

At this time, Arryved Mobile and Insider are two separate programs. If you pay by Arryved Mobile, you will need to ask the beer tender to look up your Insider account. If you do not, you will not accrue points.

What else do I need to know?

If you sign up, remember to tell us when you come in! If you don’t, we cannot attach your Insider info and you won’t get your points! The easiest way for us to look you up is by phone number. So be sure to add one to your profile.

Terms of Service

The points you accrue have no cash value. The Good Society reserves the right to alter, add to, or cancel The Admiral Club at any point for any reason.

Arryved also has its terms of service here and privacy policy here.

By signing up, you accept all terms from both The Good Society and Arryved.

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