Submit a Photo for the West Seattle Photo CANpaign

We love West Seattle and we love showing it off.  We love beer and we love drinking it from cans anywhere we can.  We love our community (you!) and we love being able to engage with it (you!) in fun new ways.  This project is the culmination of all that love.

Questions?  Check our our FAQs below!


    Yeah.  Before submitting a photo, you’ll need to agree to our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Photo Release, and possibly Model Release.

    Simply use the form to the left!  Fill out the fields and select the photo you wish to select from your device!

    Submit any picture you have that is taken in or of West Seattle.  We want to put the beauty of our community on our cans!

    You need to either be the original photographer or have the permission of the original photographer to submit the photo.

    Also, the pictures should be without any profanity, sexual content, or hate speech/symbols.  The Good Society reserves the right to make any judgement on if a photo falls into any of these categories.

    Be unique!  We all have a lot of photos of sunsets on our phones.  And why would we not?!  They are gorgeous from West Seattle.  But we can only select so many and there are lots of sweet things in West Seattle to capture and slap on a beer can!

    We also love your smiling faces, but we would like to avoid people unless part of a great West Seattle scene.  If there is an identifiable person, you will need to have them fill out a Model Release form (see the FAQ immediately below).

    For The Good Society to use a photo with people in it, we need to know that you got their permission to take their photo and that we have been given the rights to use their likeness on our site, labels, or other promotional items.

    Any photo that has recognizable people in it will need a Model Release form for each person.  In general, the larger the crowd, the less likely an issue will arise and a release will not be needed (though this will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis).

    The higher the resolution, the better!  Also, depending on the coloring and lighting of the photo, we may need to make it greyscale.  We will consult with you first.

    Photo formats accepted are png, jpg, jpeg, heic, and webp.

    Also, to minimize cropping, please take your photos in landscape mode.

    We will reach out to the email address provided, so make sure it’s accurate and you check it!

    Unfortunately, no.  We are not legally allowed to do that.  We will give you a gift card to The Good Society and how you choose to spend that gift card is up to you!

    There is a chance we could use it again if we brew the same beer or even for another down the road.  All photos and the beers they are used on will be archived and viewable here.